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Skin Care

Q: Why do I occasionally get dark residue on my cotton pad when I tone my skin? Am I not cleansing properly?

A: Much of the residue found on your cotton ball after cleansing and toning is a combination of exfoliated skin cells and sebum (oil) that appear dark against the cotton. When swiped across your skin, the toner helps lift the damaged and dying skin cells from the surface. Use Herbalife SKIN Energizing Herbal Toner every morning and every evening for best results.

Q: Why should I use a mask?

A: Masks perform accelerated cleansing, toning and moisturizing all in one. They add moisture or absorb oils from the skin, and help refine the appearance of pores, dissolve impurities and tone the skin. The result is a soft, smooth complexion with improved texture and tone. It is a good idea to always follow your mask with a moisturizer or night cream to help maintain a healthy moisture balance.

Q: Why do we need special products for the eye area? Can’t I just use my daytime moisturizer or night cream?

A: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just have one product to use from head to toe? Unfortunately, to achieve maximum skin health benefits, this would not be the best idea. The skin around the eyes is different from the skin elsewhere on the body because it lacks both oil and sweat glands. And because the skin in the eye area is so delicate, we must ensure that we are using only those ingredients that are safe and gentle enough for this part of the face.

Q: What influences skin type?

A: So many different things influence our skin type that it’s hard to keep track! Internal and external factors both influence the way your skin looks and feels. Internal factors include: your diet, hormonal changes, health problems, smoking and certain medications. External factors include: the climate or weather, your skin care routine, over moisturizing or over exfoliating, using irritating or drying products or not using any products at all. Be sure to evaluate what is happening with your skin on a regular basis to determine whether you are using the correct products for your skin type.

Q: Is it necessary to use a moisturizer if I have oily skin?

A: In a word, yes! In order for your skin to function at its best, it must have adequate moisture. Even the oiliest of skin can have low moisture levels. No matter what your skin type is, moisturizing is an essential step for healthy skin and should be done every morning and every evening before bedtime. The Herbalife SKIN line includes a Soothing Aloe Cleanser developed for normal-to-oily skin.

Q: I hear we should always apply our perfume to “pulse points” for 
long-lasting fragrance. Is this true?

A: The notion of “pulse points” began a long time ago when perfumes were a very expensive luxury item. It was common to apply just a tiny drop of perfume to the inner wrists, behind the ears, the base of the throat, etc., because this is where the skin is warmest. Warm skin would make the perfume more noticeable and by applying just a little bit, the perfume could last a very long time. Fortunately, with today’s reasonably priced perfumes and colognes, we can mist our bodies from head to toe with fragrance and frequently change our scent to suit our moods. Ladies can try Herbalife® scents Heart or Woman, and the guys can try Herbalife® scents Soul or Man for their fragrance needs.

Q: Does my diet affect my hair?

A: What you put in your body is very important to the appearance of your hair! Your hair is a direct reflection of your overall health and is vulnerable to the stresses of everyday life. If you are not eating a healthful diet or living a healthy lifestyle, your hair will lose its bounce and shine, and will take on a dull, unhealthy appearance. Eating a healthful, well-balanced diet, including your Herbalife® Formula 1 Shakes, taking your daily supplements, and using the Herbal Aloe hair care products are all important in achieving the healthiest hair.

Q: My hair color starts to fade right after I have it colored. Is this normal?

A: Color fading is inevitable and can happen in just a few short weeks – this is primarily due to shampooing, the stripping effect hot water has on hair color and not using the correct products to protect your hair. To keep your color lasting longer, avoid long exposure to the sun (wear a scarf or a hat!), use lukewarm water when shampooing and use sulfate-free color maintenance products, such as the Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner. When used together, these products will help maintain your color and provide the nourishing, moisturizing benefits of aloe vera to leave your hair looking and feeling healthy and beautiful.

Q: Why does my hair tangle so much, and what can I do to help?

A: It’s crazy, but believe it or not, fine hair tangles more than thick hair, curly hair tangles more than straight hair, and damaged hair tangles most of all. Instead of the hair cuticles lying flat, they lift up and interlock with the hairs next to them (similar to Velcro®). You should never tug at your tangles no matter how frustrating they are. After shampooing, apply plenty of conditioner, then gently ease them apart. Work from the ends up with a wide toothcomb or your fingers. Be patient and gentle, and you will work the tangles out. If your hair is really susceptible to tangles, try to work in midday and late afternoon brushings to help prevent tangling. Also, be sure to brush your hair before bedtime; and if your hair is long, pull it back in a loose ponytail when you’re ready for sleep.

Q: Is smoking really that bad for my skin?

A: Smoking is bad for your entire body! Nicotine can take years off your life and add years to your appearance. The effects of smoking in terms of aging are significant. Just one inhaled puff of cigarette smoke can produce more than a trillion free radicals in the lungs, which then trigger an inflammatory response that circulates throughout the body.* The effects of smoking on the skin have become so mainstream that in 1985, the term “smoker’s face” was added to the medical dictionary defining a person who looks older than they really are due to the effects of smoking. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 toxins, many of which are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and delivered to the skin’s structure, ultimately depleting the skin’s collagen.

Q: Whenever I get a pimple, I can’t leave it alone and eventually I 
squeeze or “pop” it. Is it harmful for me to squeeze them?

A: As tempting as it is, squeezing a pimple can extend its visit for many days longer than planned, turning a two- to three-day misfortune into a seven- to 10-day embarrassment. It can spread bacteria and oil, and can leave your skin with long-lasting scars. It’s just not worth it! When you start poking around at your pimples, the dirt and oils from your fingers has the potential to force bacteria into your pores, which could ultimately lead to infection. Be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin daily, and use the Herbalife SKIN Purifying Mint Clay Mask. Then, leave the pimple alone!

Q: Why do I need to exfoliate?
A: Everyone exfoliates naturally. In fact, we lose about a million skin cell particles every minute. Using an exfoliating scrub helps this process along. Teenagers completely regenerate their skin about every 14 days. By the time we reach age 40, that rate can increase to about 30–40 days, resulting in dry, ashy or mottled-looking skin. Proper exfoliation reduces the time cells sit on the surface. The scrubbing particles slough off the dry, dead cells and bring the newer skin cells to the forefront, giving us a healthier and more vibrant complexion. Herbalife SKIN Instant Reveal Berry Scrub contains Blueberry seeds for exfoliation along with jojoba beads to smooth and polish the skin.

Q: How long should I leave Herbalife® SKIN Purifying Mint Clay Mask 
on for maximum benefit?

A: You should leave your Herbalife® SKIN Purifying Mint Clay Mask on for at least 5 minutes,
and up to 10 minutes for maximum benefit.

Q: How do I know if my skin is normal to dry?

A: Normal-to-dry skin will have patches where skin cells flake, the surface appears dull and fine lines are more visible, especially around the eyes and above the lip. Harsh cleansing, cold weather, indoor heat and arid climates make your skin feel tight and sensitive. Fortunately, people with normal-to-dry skin are usually free from blemishes and breakouts. For normal-to-dry skin, add Herbalife SKIN Soothing Aloe Cleanser to your daily routine.

Q: Will my skin type change?

A: Your skin is in a constant state of change and can be very temperamental. It can fluctuate with the changing seasons, when work becomes stressful, or when your body experiences hormonal or weight fluctuations.
Even those with perfect complexions go through phases of having oily, dry, or blemish-prone skin. During winter months, you may need more moisture to combat increased dryness in the air. Less moisture may be needed when months are more humid and warm. It is important to periodically evaluate your skin care routine to be sure your skin is getting what it needs. Herbalife® SKIN offers products for all skin types: normal to dry, normal to oily and aging skin.

Q: Is drinking water important for my appearance?

A: Yes, drinking plenty of water throughout the day ensures proper hydration of the body, which helps the skin look soft, supple and more youthful. When you keep your body hydrated, your overall appearance from head to toe will benefit. This includes improved appearance of the skin and healthier hair and nails. It is recommended to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. But remember not to drink too much fluid two to three hours before going to bed. This may cause morning under-eye puffiness!

Q: I read somewhere that we need to switch shampoo regularly because our hair gets “used to it” and it won’t work anymore. Is this true?

A: The only reason you would need to switch your shampoo is if you have changed your hair! Color-treated, chemically processed or damaged hair needs shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for those conditions.
In these cases, extra moisture or color preservation is usually required. Beyond these situations, you can most definitely stick with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Try the color-preserving formula of Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner for your basic hair care needs.

Q: Is there anything I can do about my “puffy” hair?

A: Try rinsing your hair with cool or – if you can bear it – cold water the next time you shampoo. This helps the cuticle of the hair to lie flat, giving your hair a much smoother appearance. A good conditioner is also very important! Always remember to condition your hair with Herbalife® Herbal Aloe Strengthening Conditioner. Be sure to squeeze a good amount of water out from your hair before applying, as water dilutes the conditioner.

Q: Does the way I wash my hair make a difference in how it looks and behaves?

A: Yes, believe it or not, most “bad hair days” are our own fault. One of the worst things you can do to your hair is not rinse properly! For maximum results, most shampoos and conditioners need plenty of water to remove dirt and residue and release their conditioning ingredients. Never dunk your head in soapy bath water to rinse, and make sure that you rinse for a few minutes to remove all traces of shampoo and conditioner. It’s when you don’t rinse the entire product out of your hair that it can get greasy and unmanageable. Do these few simple steps and your hair will love you for it!

Q: I am a swimmer, and the chlorine in the pool is taking a toll on my hair. 
What can I do?

A: Chlorine is one of those necessary evils found in swimming pools. While it helps protect us from germs and bacteria that may be in the water, it can also cause hair to become dry and damaged. The first thing you can do is get your hair wet with non-chlorinated water before jumping into the pool. Hair is porous and acts like a sponge and therefore can only absorb so much water. By wetting your hair before jumping in, it won’t be able to absorb much of the chlorinated water. You can also apply conditioner to your hair before your swim. The conditioner will act as a barrier between your hair and the chlorine and also prevent the chlorinated water from penetrating into your hair shafts. Be sure to rinse your hair every time you get out of the pool. This will help remove the chlorine and keep your hair saturated with good water between swims. And as soon as you are done swimming for the day, hit the showers and shampoo and condition right away. These few tips should help keep your hair protected and looking healthy.

Q: Does alcohol affect my skin?

A: Alcohol causes dehydration, which leaves the skin dry and dull, and excess alcohol can lead to broken capillaries. Alcohol interferes with the absorption of Vitamins B and C, which are vital for the overall health of the skin. Too much alcohol when consumed for long periods of time leads to Vitamin C deficiency, which dilates blood vessels, causing unnatural flushing. Alcohol can lead to a restless night’s sleep and can decrease the duration of REM dream sleep. This loss of deep sleep, coupled with dehydration, can make your complexion sallow and pale and the appearance of dark circles under your eyes more noticeable. If you are going to drink alcohol, it is best to drink two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink, to help counteract dehydration.

Q: Is it true that you can over exfoliate your skin?

A: Yes, it is true! We all love the way our skin looks after it’s been exfoliated. All of the dead skin cells are gone, our fine lines don’t seem so noticeable and our skin just glows. But too much of a good thing can lead to negative results. Over exfoliating can cause excess oil production and may worsen breakouts. Your skin can become irritated, you may notice areas of redness, small bruises may appear and you may even develop minor abrasions that could take some time to heal. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub, such as Herbalife SKIN Instant Reveal Berry Scrub with Blueberry seeds to gently scrub those dead skin cells away, leaving behind a fresh, beautiful, non-irritated face. Just don’t overdo it!

Q: We are always hearing about free radical damage. Where do free 
radicals come from?

A: Unfortunately, free radicals are just about everywhere, making it imperative to always protect yourself with an antioxidant-enriched diet and topical skin care. The following is about the sources of free radicals.
How many of these affect you every day?
General Factors: Aging, metabolism, stress
Dietary Factors: Additives, alcohol, coffee, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, pesticides
Chemical Factors: Air pollutants, such as asbestos, carbon monoxide, chlorine, cigarette smoke; and chemical solvents, such as cleaning products, glue, paints and paint thinners; and both over-the-counter and prescribed medications
Radiation: Cosmic radiation, electromagnetic fields, medical and dental X-rays, radon gas, and solar radiation

Q: If I decide to use a mask and exfoliate on the same day, which should 
I do first?

A: I would advise exfoliating the skin first. There is no sense in wasting a good mask on dead skin cells. By exfoliating first, you start with a nice, fresh face to mask. This will allow the mask to really deliver its benefits without any interference from dead or dying skin cells.

Q: How do I apply eye products?

A: Always apply your Herbalife® SKIN eye products using your ring finger only. This is the weakest finger on the hand and therefore provides the gentlest application. You never want to tug or pull the delicate skin around the eye area. Gently pat the product into the skin around the eye area, starting about a half inch below the eye.

Q: How do I know if my skin is normal to oily?

A: Normal-to-oily skin will look shiny, especially in the T-Zone (nose, chin, forehead and cheeks). These areas have more oil glands than other parts of the face and, therefore, are a bit oilier and break out more frequently. Pores may be more visible, blemishes more apparent and the face could be sensitive to harsh cleansers and drying alcohols. For normal-to-oily skin, use Herbalife SKIN Polishing Citrus Cleanser.

Q: Does skin color or ethnicity affect skin care?

A: All skin is subject to a range of problems, regardless of skin color or ethnic background. Whether it is dry or oily, blemished, wrinkled, sensitive or sun damaged, all men and women share similar issues. Everyone can and will benefit from a healthy diet and good skin care regimen.

Q: I occasionally have outbreaks of rosacea. Should I use moisturizer with SPF?

A: Sun protection is important for everyone, including those who suffer from rosacea. Because some substances can trigger rosacea on contact, please consult your doctor before using any skin care product if you have this condition. No Herbalife® products are treatments for rosacea.

Q: I was told I should brush my hair 100 times a day to keep it healthy. Is this true?

A: Brushing your hair 100 times a day was at one time a very common and useful practice. This was primarily because good hair conditioners were unavailable. Daily brushing helped to distribute the natural oils throughout the length of the hair, providing it with a natural conditioning agent. Today, many people have hair that has
been colored or chemically treated, or hair that suffers from excess heating from blow-dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, etc. In these cases, brushing excessively is not recommended as it can break hairs and cause split ends. If your hair is exposed to any of the above, you should shampoo and condition with the Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner.

Q: I wash and dry my hair every day, and now it’s dried out and damaged. What should I do?

A: Hair dryers sometimes get very hot; overuse can most definitely harm your hair. Overdrying can strip your hair of its natural moisture, elasticity and bounce! Allow your hair to dry naturally whenever possible, and never start styling until your hair is at least 80% dry. This cuts down potential damage. Dryers with diffuser attachments are the gentlest. And if you do dry your hair several times a week, be sure to always use the Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner.

Q: Why is using a night cream important?

A: Skin cells replace themselves faster than any other cells in the body. The peak hours for cell reproduction occur while you are sleeping. It is during this time when your body repairs the damage that was done during the day. Because this is when new cells are born, it is imperative to use a night cream that is enriched with vitamins and nutrients to facilitate healthy cell renewal. Our Herbalife SKIN line contains an antioxidant-rich night cream for all skin types to help fight the signs of aging.

Q: What can I do to protect myself from free radical damage?

A: Eating a diet that is rich in antioxidants is an excellent antiaging strategy for the entire body. It is estimated that only a small percentage of the antioxidants we eat actually provide benefits to the skin because of the entire body’s demand for them. This makes a compelling case for supplementing the diet for anti-oxidant support. Herbalife® Formula 2 Multivitamin, for example, contains antioxidant Vitamins A (as beta-carotene) and C.
Herbalife® skin care products can help combat skin damage by delivering antioxidants directly to the outer layers of the skin. This is especially true of the epidermis, which has no direct supply of blood to provide it antioxidants, and has the greatest exposure to sun and pollution-generated free radicals. The skin can benefit from a supply of antioxidants that can slow the skin’s aging process.

Q: What is the difference between an eye gel and an eye cream?

A: An eye gel is generally used during the day to help revive the under eye area, providing a wonderful cooling effect that refreshes and energizes the delicate skin. The Herbalife SKIN Firming Eye Gel helps increase your skin’s elasticity. An eye cream can be used during the day or night, but is generally applied at bedtime. Richer in texture than an eye gel, eye creams provide extra moisture and vitamins. Try Herbalife SKIN Firming Eye Gel and Hydrating Eye Cream for great results.

Q: Is it really that bad for my skin if I don’t wash it before bedtime?

A: Not washing off mascara and eye makeup before you go to bed can cause you to wake up with puffy bags under your eyes and even a potential eye infection. Other makeup, such as foundation, blush and concealer, can prevent your skin from breathing and may clog your pores, resulting in a blemish-prone, dull-looking complexion. Even if you don’t wear makeup during the day, your skin still accumulates oil, dirt and impurities that can lead to blemishes and a dull skin tone if not washed away before bedtime. Cleansing the skin with Herbalife SKIN cleansers every night is an absolute must!

Q: How can men prevent skin irritation from shaving?

A: A man’s skin can be just as sensitive as a woman’s. Daily shaving can be very irritating and in some cases can lead to painful shaving bumps. Applying aftershave lotions, which are primarily alcohol-based, often causes irritation and can be dehydrating to the skin. Instead of aftershave, apply the alcohol-free Herbalife SKIN Energizing Herbal Toner, containing witch hazel. If you experience razor bumps or other minor skin abrasions, apply the Herbal Aloe Soothing Gel for comforting relief.

Q: Is it possible to wash my face too much?

A: Yes. Excessive cleansing can irritate your skin by stripping its natural oils and drying it out. You should cleanse your face twice a day if you have normal-to-dry skin and up to three times if you have very oily skin. Anything more is excessive. Be sure to use only facial cleansers when washing your face, not bar soap. Our Herbalife SKIN line has a cleanser for both dry and oily skin types. Remember to be gentle and only use warm water when cleansing. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold because such extremes in temperature can traumatize the capillaries in your skin. And always be sure to gently pat your skin dry; do not rub!

Q: Can split ends be repaired?

A: Oh how I wish! Unfortunately, the only way to really get rid of split ends is to cut them off. To keep them at bay, have your ends trimmed on a regular basis. You can’t ignore split ends as they will continue to split up the shaft of the hair if they aren’t trimmed. The longer you leave them the shorter your new hairstyle will be as a result. Use a good, moisturizing conditioner like the Herbal Aloe Strengthening Conditioner, don’t over brush your hair and put down all of those heating devices. These easy steps will definitely make a difference on the condition of your hair.