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Tri Blend Select is a high protein and low in sugar with ingredients sourced naturally and are plant-based. We searched the planet to source the best possible grade of every single ingredient in Tri Blend Select, like Quinoa from Colombia and Flax Seed from Canada.

Plant proteins sometimes miss the mark because they lack some essential amino acids. However Tri Blend Select includes a blend of pea, quinoa and flax seed to help deliver a plant-based protein that’s also impressively high in fibre while being low in sugar.

But low in sugar doesn’t mean low on taste. In fact, we became obsessed with making Tri Blend Select taste amazing while keeping it natural.

Herbalife QuickSpark®

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Herbalife QuickSpark®

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QuickSpark provides natural energy at a cellular level. Active ingredient CoEnzyme 1 is a primary energy-producing coenzyme the body needs to function at its best. It helps to fuel the ATP* energy cycle and release ATP energy at cellular level.



Key Benefits

  • Contains a patented formula of CoEnzyme 1, which plays an important role in producing natural energy at a cellular level
  • CoEnzyme 1, has crucial roles in many cellular processes.
  • Fast acting: lozenge dissolves quickly and easily
  • No caffeine, no sugar, no calories. No artificial colours or flavours


Your body has naturally occurring levels of CoEnzyme 1. With age our levels of CoEnzyme 1 declines and as a result our body’s energy levels decline. Because CoEnzyme 1 is used to generate ATP energy, the more CoEnzyme 1 the body has, the more ATP energy can be made by each cell to function properly.


Take 1 lozenge per day as needed. Place under tongue until fully dissolved. For maximum effectiveness do not chew lozenge.

*ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the body’s main source of cellular energy.



20 lozenges

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Additional Information

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