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Promueve la producción de Óxido Nítrico.

 Beneficios Clave 

  • Refrescante fórmula que ayuda a la producción de Óxido Nítrico.

  • Contiene L-Citrulina y L-Arginina para la producción de Óxido Nítrico.

  • Ofrece antioxidantes para mantener los niveles de Oxido Nítrico en el cuerpo.

  • Con ácido alfa-lipoico para neutralizar los efectos de los radicales libres.



Desarrollado con el galardonado del Nobel en Medicina, el Dr. Lou Ignarro, Niteworks® ayuda a tu cuerpo a producir Óxido Nítrico. 

Uso del Producto 

Mezcla dos medidas (10g, dos cucharadas cafeteras") en 240 ml de agua fría.

Puede mezclarse también con agua gasificada o jugo.

Se recomienda tomarlo por la noche antes de dormir. 

Información adicional

Información adicional

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the really wonderful thing is that I feel good again
I first heard about the doctor that developed this product and his winning the Nobel peace prize for it's development and I searched the internet for info on him...then I researched the individual elements and then I bought the doctor's book....I am 71 and last winter I was feeling really bad and my doctor couldn't find anything to cause me to be that way except high cholesterol and high blood pressure and I was taking 7 prescriptions for that.....I asked my cardiologist and my primary care doctor if this would interfere with the meds I was currently taking and they both said no...each said that they had prescribed some of the ingredients in the product but not as a I had blood labs done and five months later I had it done labs had all come into spec except my triglycerides..they got higher and I am now trying to drop that number by not eating so much overall cholesterol dropped 68 points...I now use this product regularly and I take one bp med, twice a day and one water pill a day.....but the really wonderful thing is that I feel good again and I can get up and move around and go shopping's been a great find for me.... Revisado por Dina / (Publicado en 20/10/2012)

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