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Join for Free as a Preferred Customer

  •  Ideal for anyone interested in purchasing Herbalife® products at a discount.
  • Start with discount over 25% on most of the products and move up to around 42% discount.
  • Supports your product usage: new product previews, special promotions to support your product results, special product-focused communications, education and support
  • Receive communications that supports your wellness goals including new product previews, and special promotions.              


Join for Free as an Associate

  • Ideal for anyone interested in purchasing Herbalife® Products for your own personal Consumption and a flexible business opportunity.
  • Begin with a 25% discount and qualifying to achieve discount levels up to 50%.
  • Be able to earn additional income through retailing the products and sponsoring others to do the same.
  •  Get tools and trainings that support your business growth.   
  • Includes some simple requirements to begin retailing.

Hernalife Experience Pack 

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