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- No refrigeration needed, unlike other popular Probiotics products.
- An easy addition to any food or drink.
- Delivers active probiotic per serving.
- No added flavors, colors, sugars, or sweeteners.
- Handy. You can bring it anywhere.

Become Herbalife Member

Why Pay More ?

Herbalife has set up this amazing discount buyers program, to make their products more affordable than ever. 
 Herbalife Members are enjoying an automatic discount of 25% off the retail price on all products for personal use (maximum discount 42%).

To become an Herbalife Member you need to register with Herbalife and buy an HMPHerbalife Member Pack) . 
Once you are registered you'll be able to purchase Herbalife products at a discounted price, starting with 25% discount regardless how often you order.  NO COMMITMENTS!


With your registration you'll receive a membership ID number and VIP Member Pack that includes: 

The Member kit (HMP) contains:


 1 bottle of Nutritional Shake Mix French Vanilla
 1 bottle of Fiber & Herb
 1 bottle of Vitamins and Minerals with Herbs
 1 Sales & Marketing DVD
 1 Distributor Application and 2 Registration Cards
 1 set of Customer Order Form
 1 Product Guide
 1 Lose Weight Now button
 1 IBP Tote bag

For your convenience you can place your orders:

  • Directly at Herbalife using your ID number, by phone or e-mail 

Discounts are on all range of Herbalife products including weight loss, targeted nutrition, personal care/cosmetics and more.

You are not obligated to become an active distributor and sell Herbalife products but you may find this option attractive later in your life.


If you are a Phillipine Resident*, you may apply as a Herbalife VIP Member Online.

To do so,  Just follow those few short steps:

A.  Order the HMP or Mini HMP

B.   Once you have the IBP, have these 4 datas ready:

      1Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number : Click here for my credentials

      2. First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name : ALO

      3. Application ID

                                 You can find the APPLICATION ID NUMBER in the upper right hand corner of the paper Application located in your INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PACK (IBP).

      4. Online Code

                                You can find the ONLINE CODE just beneath the bar code at the top of the paper Application located in your INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PACK (IBP)

 and click  "Apply Online"

 When you complete this step, click  "Next" and complete the online registration process.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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