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Formula 1 offre nutrition, goût et commodité, le tout dans un shake. Avec un mélange parfait de protéines de haute qualité, de fibres et de vitamines et minéraux, vous n’avez plus à choisir entre repas sains ou commodité – le shake Formula 1 est rapide et facile à préparer !

Herbalife Side Effects

  • If you decide to consume Herbalife products you might experience a boost of energy due to the improved cells nutrition.
  • In addition you might experience better respond from your immune system to pathogens (viruses, microbes, allergens and others) around us due to the powerful antioxidants you can find in many of the Herbalife products. Antioxidants helps our body to eliminate free radicals and prevent diseases, improve the work of our immune system.
  • If you decide to take products as a targeted nutrition to improve you general health, for example, calcium supplement, fibre, omega oils or else, you can be sure those products are at the highest standards .
  • Improved focus, better night sleep,shorter recovery from the sport activities and of course good mood and better attitude - they are all "side effects" of consuming Herbalife products.
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