Our skin changes as the years go by - and so should our skin care routine.  Here is some advice to help you look your best at every age.

Skin care in your 20s

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If you haven't already started a beauty regimen, now's the time. It's important to develop good skin care habits early on because they will help you look your best for years to come.
Choose products that suit your skin type. It's important to cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect your skin with SPF every day. If your skin is prone to blemishes or if the size of your pores is a concern, be sure to use a mask. No matter how tired you are, it's important for both men and women to cleanse their skin before bedtime. 

Skin care in your 30s

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This is when you may start noticing the first signs of aging. Your skin starts to lose collagen and elastin and a few fine lines might appear. You may need to change your regimen to include more moisturizing products, including a revitalizing night cream that will provide hydration while you sleep. And if you haven't explored a good line-minimizing serum, you should. Anti-aging products help with correction and prevention and now is the time to take those preventative measures.

It's common to start seeing signs of aging around your eyes, too. This is the decade when you should consider adding an extra step in your regimen to focus specifically on the skin around your eyes. An eye gel is perfect for daytime use and will help firm the skin around the eyes. And, a richer, hydrating eye cream will be perfect for nighttime use.

Skin care in your 40s

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In your 40s, uneven skin tone is one of the most common complaints women have. This can be caused by too many hours in the sun resulting in age spots. It can also be a throwback to pregnancy. Other hormonal changes during this decade and the possible onset of menopause for women could leave you wondering where your youthful skin went.

If you aren't already exfoliating on a weekly basis, get started.  Proper exfoliation helps to remove the dead and dying skin cells from the surface, revealing newer skin cells beneath. Our natural exfoliation does slow down as we age and men and women alike can benefit from a good scrubbing.

If wrinkles are a concern, be sure to introduce a line- minimizing serum. If the firmness of your skin is not what it used to be, grab a purifying mint clay mask. Small changes add up so just a few tweaks can help you regain control of your skin.

Skin care in your 50s - and beyond

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A crucial element to skin care as you age is moisturizing. By the time you hit your 50s, your skin is losing its elasticity and you may start to see sagging. Though you can't turn back the clock, you can keep your skin (and yourself) hydrated. So, drink lots of water to keep hydrated inside and out. And stay on top of your skin care regimen. Make sure that you are focusing on your entire body, especially your neck and throat and backs of your hands. Daytime and nighttime moisturizers are non-negotiable in your 50s and a good line-minimizing serum should be your best friend. Eye protection  is essential and a good night's sleep can definitely give you a freshened appearance. Your daily skin care regimen should never be compromised and should be a priority if you want to look your best.

We can't stop aging, but we can age gracefully and beautifully. Getting started on a healthy skin care regimen in your early years is the best way to ensure a lifetime of fabulous skin. Once you have identified a new concern for yourself, as they are different for everyone, seek out the right product to help. Remember,a proper skin care regimen coupled with good nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle is the real fountain of youth. If you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside, that confidence will show in your appearance - no matter what your age.

Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Jacquie is Director of Outer Nutrition at Herbalife.