Start Earlier, Age Healthier

Growing old is natural, but ageing in an unhealthy way is not. As we grow older, we may not always pay close attention to take steps towards healthy ageing. Our sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and unhealthy food choices may affect our health as we age. Over time, we may experience long-term nutrient deficiencies that may affect our:

•    Heart
•    Bones
•    Joints
•    Digestion
•    Vision
•    Immunity

88%* of people surveyed agree to taking healthier steps towards healthy ageing.

82%* of people surveyed agree that 40-50 years old is the right age to start healthy ageing.

84%* of people surveyed feel that making a better nutrition choice is important for healthy ageing.

Source: Asia Pacific Healthy Ageing Survey toward consumers

It is important to adopt a health-enhancing lifestyle earlier that includes a healthy well-balanced diet, regular exercise and ensuring our nutritional gaps are supplemented with the right nutrients. So start earlier and age healthier with Herbalife Nutrition.

Digestive Health
As we grow older, we may become more vulnerable to indigestion and other issues with the digestive system. While having regular exercise and sufficient fluids may help to support our digestive health, it is also of vital importance to have enough fibre and probiotics in our daily diet. Herbalife Nutrition’s digestive health range helps to support healthy digestion.

Heart & Eye Health
Ageing may affect our cardiovascular health. With a lack of regular exercise and a diet of highly processed foods, our heart may not receive the support to stay active and healthy. It is important to keep your cardiovascular system in shape with a healthy diet, active lifestyle and nutritional supplements for your heart.

Healthy Eyesight helps us to appreciate our surroundings but our age may take a toll on our eyesight. Practising good habits and having the right supplement may help support eye health.

Bone health
Our bones naturally lose mineral density as we age – this is especially true for women after menopause. As our bones lose calcium and other minerals, they may become porous and more susceptible to fracture. A daily calcium supplement may help you to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Joint Health
Age-related factors may contribute to degenerative changes to our joints. It is important to maintain our mobility as part of healthy ageing by taking active steps to support healthy joint function and comfort. Start taking care of your joints with a daily glucosamine supplement.

Immune Support
As we age, our immune response capability becomes reduced, which may contribute to illness and may impede general well-being. Keep your immune system strong and healthy all year round with vitamins that support your body’s natural defences.

Everyday Health
It is important to maintain your everyday health by giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. Vitamins are essential for normal growth and development, energy production and protect the body from stress.