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Product Usage

1.Can children use Herbalife® products?

Herbalife offers products specially designed for children. We encourage consumers to use these products for children.

2.How can children use the products for weight loss?

Herbalife® products are not intended to be used in weight-loss programs for children. We strongly believe that younger adolescents and children should be focused on eating healthy foods and incorporating more physical activity into their daily routine to accomplish healthy weight management. Herbalife offers products specially designed for children and we encourage consumers to use these products.

3.I am a vegetarian. Which Herbalife® products can I use?

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians can use most products but may choose to avoid the following (note that products listed below are sold in the United States):

  1. Products with gelatin capsules: Triple Berry, Male Factor 1000® capsules
  2. Fish/krill oil products: Herbalifeline® capsules, Tri-Shield® capsules, Core Complex
  3. Products with sodium choleate, which is animal derived: Activate Fiber Complex tablets, Thermo-Bond® tablets
  4. Products with bee pollen: Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, Schizandra Plus


4.I am a vegan. Which Herbalife® products can I use?

Vegans may want to avoid the same products indicated in the vegetarian list as well as certain snacks (note that the following products are sold in the United States): Beverage Mix, Creamy Chicken Soup Mix, Protein Bars and Protein Bar Deluxe, Personalized Protein Powder and the Formula 1 flavors that indicate they contain milk/whey protein.

5.How do I make a Formula 1 shake?

Mix two scoops (or one packet) of Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix with milk (skim, low fat or soy) or water. Blenders are the perfect way to mix your shake. You can also mix in fresh or frozen fruit for additional flavor and nutrients.

If you’re using Formula 1 Instant Shake Mix, just add water instead of milk.


6.Can I add fruit or other ingredients into a shake?

Yes. Add fruit for additional nutrients and flavor combinations to your Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. You can also add different Herbalife® products, like Prolessa Duo and Personalized Protein Powder for additional benefits.

7.How many shakes can I drink a day?

Your personal objectives and requirements must be considered, but generally, to lose weight, drink a shake twice daily, for breakfast and lunch, along with a healthy dinner and daily exercise for a healthy, active life.

You can replace one meal daily with a shake for weight management.


8.Can shakes be made with water instead of milk?

Yes. Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix can be made with water instead of milk, but only shakes mixed and used as directed on their labels deliver the full nutritional benefit of a meal replacement.


9.What happens if Herbalife® products STOP working and you stop getting results?

Make sure you are using the products correctly and as recommended on the label, while incorporating healthy dietary habits and exercise in your weight-management program. There are many reasons why an individual may experience a "plateau" in his or her weight loss. Should you have trouble losing weight, seek the advice of a health professional to assess and monitor other potential factors that may be hindering your success.

10.Are there any technical resources about Herbalife® products for athletes?

You can visit Herbalife24.com for information on nutrition and fitness science for athletes.

11.Is Thermo-Bond® blocking the good fats in fish and krill oil from being absorbed?

To ensure optimal absorption of your fish and krill oils, please separate the use of these products from Thermo-Bond® by one hour.